Rapture Transfer


We offer a credit for orders in exchange for select cameras and video cameras (see detailed description).


1. Go through our list of transfer, scanning, and editing services to determine the work you need done.

2. Look at the list of items we generally accept to see if you have any of them.

3. If we have already placed a value on the item, it is based upon the max price we typically pay to other sources.

4. Tell us the work you need done and ask us if it is possible to do some or all of it in exchange for the camera you have. Send photos to orders@rapturetransfer.com.

5. Sometimes, even if it is a camera we have listed for less, we may still accept your entire order if we are not busy and we don’t already have a deep reserve of that type of camera. So feel free to ask anyway. All we can say is no.

6. This is a straight up barter. If you offer something that you value more than the cost of your transfer order, we do not give change. But keep in mind that if you went with most other commercial transfer services, even if you sold your camera, you would typically not be able to get as much done as you would through us. This barter system is designed to ensure that we can continue to offer great discounted services.

7. If we agree to the terms of your barter, you will be able to send us your order along with your camera without any money. But we will also let you know what the cost of your order would be if your camera does not work. If that is the case, you will be given the option of paying for your order or paying to have everything returned if there is an issue with what you send.

HERE ARE THE ITEMS WE GENERALLY ACCEPT (If you are unsure of what you have, send us a photo that also includes the model number label)


• Compact VHSC Camcorder Any Brand (WE HAVE NO NEED AT THIS TIME)

• Full Size VHS Camcorder Any Brand $40

• BetaMax Camcorder Any Brand 75

• Video8 Camcorder Any Brand (WE HAVE NO NEED AT THIS TIME)

• Hi8 Camcorder Any Brand $50

• Hi8 Camcorder Sony $75

• Digital8 Sony Camcorder $125

• Standard MiniDV Camcorder $50

• Any Consumer HDV Camcorder $125

• Any Pro HDV / DVCAM Camcorder $200

• Any PAL Based European Camcorder $150

• VHSC VCR CADDY (That thingy you put the small VHSC tape in so you can play it in your VCR) $15

DSLR CAMERAS (Mostly here we are looking for DSLR with clean 1080 HDMI output for our podcast projects)
These are just some samples below but feel free to tell us what you have.

Sony A5100 or higher
Sony a99 (SLT-A99V) or higher
Sony DSC-RX10 orhHigher
Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Canon Rebel T6 (1300D) or higher

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