New Direct Ordering Interface Coming Soon

*****NEW FOR 2023*****
RaptureTransfer started out several years ago as a family budget friendly service of Rapture Media which has been preserving and archiving old media for its professional clients for over 30 years. To keep prices low, we have given you all the information online to make your purchases. However, as it has grown, we have encountered more and more folks who have difficulty placing orders online. So as of 2023, we have merged RaptureTransfer into the same customer support structure as our other clients. This means that if you would prefer not to place your order online, feel free to reach out to us with your contact information and the items you have (including photos if you need any help knowing what you have) and one of our Team Members can issue you a quote that will give you best pricing available and a payment link with all your items on it for you to pay and ship your order.  Or, if you have difficulty managing payments online, a Team Member can call and go through your order and take your payment by phone. However, we still encourage you to read about our services online.

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